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Sour Peach Rings

Sour Peach Rings

Ingredients:(N.B. INGREDIENTS BASED ON ALL MIXED COLOURS) Glucose syrup, Sugar, BEEF GELATINE (HALAL), Modified corn starch, Acids (citric acid, fumaric acid, malic acid), Apple juice from concentrate (1%), Flavourings, Colours (carotenes, chlorophyllin, curcumin, anthocyanins, brilliant blue FCF, titanium dioxide, caramel) Nutrition:(PER 100g): Energy 1338.88kj/320kcal, Fat (0g), of which Saturates (0g), Carbohydrate (75g), of which Sugars (25g), Protein (4.9g), Fibre (0g), Salt (0.01g)
Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the product information provided, products and their Ingredients may change. You are advised to always read the product label for Ingredients, nutrition, dietary claims and allergens
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